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Solar systems have not changed in a long time. The sun still shines and we convert it to power. What has changed is the efficiency in which we convert power and the way we install the systems on your roof. Trinity Power is dedicated to researching and testing the best products to use on your roof. We love service work on older systems because we get to see what works and what needs to be adjusted. New products are nice but they don't always hold up. Searching for that right product that will outlast your home is our goal. The central valley is hot and dry, not a good combination for materials on the roof. Because of this we select componetns that we know will stand up to the heat and dry winds.


When it comes to solar panels and effeciency, well look no further than SunPower. With a 25 year warranty, state of the art testing facilites, and pride in being number 1 in the world for manufacturing of solar panels, we have them !!! Your sales rep can go into detail about the new up and coming panels that are even more powerful and effecient. SunPower has the highest rated effeciency panel on the market at 22%...we don't need to say anymore.

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